EuroDesign “Interview”

Denny, tell us something about you. Family tradition, you have decided to follow in the footsteps of his family.

Together with my brother Luca and my mother Laura, we are the owners of Euro Design, a company that deals with interior furnishings: we design and manufacture for our customers all our creations. It is remarkable that all of us work in the same company, because no one has ever told us to do it. Ours is a job you have to feel inside you, you have to do it with passion: it’s not a job like any other, but it’s a special job. We met in the company because we felt we had something to say.

Luca, how is it working in the family business? For many it is difficult. What is your specific role in the company?

Working in the family business is great, because you do things as you feel, you give them your own setting, you are not a number. We are three and this means sharing the work, helping each other and not being alone and this gives us strength, helps overcome difficulties. The comparison sometimes also becomes a clash, as normal and healthy, but by comparison, more or less on, good things always come out.

When you describe the furniture that projects the passion you feel, and the attention to detail and to the needs of the customers. This passion allows you to satisfy everyone with satisfaction or you have to come down to compromise?

It is the passion that drives you to do things you do well. Passion means putting ours idea, our taste, our soul in what we create. This is why we know that Euro Design products are not for everyone. Our product either likes or does not like it. We welcome customers’ wishes and try to fulfill them 100%, sometimes finding compromises on a technical level. But ethics leads us to guide it towards the right choice.

What is the most beautiful, exciting and satisfying project you’ve worked on?

I do not think there’s a project I’m more attached to, because every time you invent something again it is a new creature. You always start from scratch, you give yourself goals and you look for them to reach them. What we offer is the result of continuous research. Every time we propose new materials or new combinations, we make tests, we set ourselves goals and once they are obtained, they are part of our experience, which we then offer to our customers, sure of what we do. We offer a basic solution with our knowledge and then modify according to the individual customer needs. The most complicated projects are those that give you more satisfaction.



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