The timeless appeal of euro design, a balance between tradition and the future in interior design

Euro Design is a leading interior design brand with a history dating back over 30 years when Laura, a design and woodworking enthusiast, founded the company.

Thanks to her experience, focus on quality and constant search for innovation, Laura instilled Euro Design with a strong sense of creativity. The next generation, represented by Denny and Luca, inherited and developed these characteristics, leading the company towards a stable present with a future-focused vision, a strong sense of responsibility and concrete ambitions.

This futuristic vision is fully reflected in the company’s projects. Born from Euro Design’s ability to respond to the new demands of an ever-changing market, they represent a synthesis of the company’s craftsmanship and aesthetic research.


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The projects emphasise uniqueness and customisation, core values in Euro Design’s philosophy. Not just products, but a complete service that includes consultancy, design and the realisation of made-to-measure furniture, totally in line with the customer’s needs and dreams. Through its creations, Euro Design creates a furnishing experience that blends tradition and innovation, design and functionality, thus creating a unique dialogue between the furniture and the space that surrounds it.

The meticulous attention to detail and the careful selection of materials give Euro Design products a distinctive and unique character. Each piece is conceived by the style office, which, through meticulous and expert research, enhances the lines and colours of each furnishing solution.

The team of interior architects creates customised furnishing proposals, through meticulous layouts that analyse every problem, suitable for every environment, whether classic or modern. These refined solutions, presented in the most sought-after woods and finishes, come from the work of skilled craftsmen, able to uniquely enrich each space.

Once the project is defined, it will be perfected with the customisation of the choice of colour finish and accessories. Euro Design offers a vast possibility of doing whatever colour is requested by the customer.

All workmanship and decorations are handmade in gold or silver leaf. Therefore, slight imperfections are not to be considered a defect but an element of value and uniqueness, which distinguishes the craftsmanship of the workmanship carried out.


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In addition, the products used by Euro Design are all Made in Italy as all manufacturing takes place in Italy, starting from the selection of raw materials to the finishing of the product.

Each space is designed to respect architectural features and the environment. In fact, care for the environment and health are at the heart of Euro Design’s furniture production principles. Precisely, with respect for the value and quality of life of the planet and man, the entire production chain is subjected to scrupulous and constant controls.


arredamento interni


Euro Design is the emblem of a passion turned into a successful business reality. It is a company that, without ever forgetting its roots, constantly projects itself into the future of interior design. Thanks to its attention to detail, selection of quality materials and constant aesthetic research, Euro Design stands out in the sector, creating a unique balance between tradition and innovation, enriching each room with unique and distinctive pieces and offering a complete service to its customers that includes consultancy, design and the realisation of made-to-measure furnishing solutions.

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